Monday, January 5, 2009

The Last Ten Years

I am not typically a person who spends a lot of time reminiscing about the past. I actually spend most of my time planning the future. I love having goals and projects. However, a couple of weeks ago, right before finals, Ainslie was sick and had a hard time sleeping one night. While I was rocking her, I was thinking about the last ten years of my life. It made me realize how grateful I am for the opportunities and blessings we have received and proud of the things I have accomplished. I am still excited for the next 10 years, but I am making it a goal to spend a little bit more time being grateful of the last 10.

Here are some highlights:

1999 started dating Josh

2000 moved out on my own

2001 first trip to Europe (Spain, France, Italy)

2002 finished Culinary School

2003 mission in Switzerland

2004 Josh asked me to marry him while we were in NYC

2005 first year of married life, graduated with bachelors in English

2006 traveled to Eastern Europe with Josh (Switzerland,Germany, Prague, Poland, Ukraine, Budapest, Vienna), other trips, worked a dream job (Paralegal at K&Mc)

2007 Had Ainslie and then took her at 6 weeks to Europe (Germany, Greece, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice)

2008 Finished first half of graduate school, and had lots of opportunties to learn to balance family life, school, church callings, and work.
We will see what other things are in store for this little family. . .