Friday, April 18, 2008


Josh and I have decided that I have made a total of three funny jokes during our married life, one that ocurrred just last night. I make up for my lack of prolificacy by reliving these rare moments often. Here goes. . .

Several years ago, Josh and I were walking down the street talking about what kind of job I should get after I graduated with my bachelor's degree. We saw one of those Schwan trucks with the little freezer compartment on the back.
Janae: Maybe I could work for them, you know deliever ice cream and frozen chicken cordon-bleu.
Josh: I guess so, but what would you be called? I have only heard them refered to as "Schwan-men"
Janae: "Schwan-princess"
Josh and I went to Europe last summer and Josh packed Ainslie all over Italy in a baby bjorn. At St. Peter's Basilica in Rome they have these huge JumboTron screens set up where they broadcast the Pope's addresses. When I saw the three of us show up on the huge screen I exclaimed "Look, we are on the Vati-cam."

Last night I was helping Josh study for his up-coming exam in Trusts. He was explaining what makes a trust viable and I was asking questions about it.

Josh: It is illegal to pass on defective property through a trust.

Janae: Why is that?

Josh: Well you can't give something to the beneficiaries that wouldn't benefit them.

Janae: Oh I get it, if you gave them something bad it would make them "Nega-ficiaries."

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Growing. . .

I promised an update on these herbs. The basil is huge! The rosemary and chives are coming along a little slower but still progressing. Can't wait to start cooking with these, but I guess I'll just need to have patience . . .